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The Weekly Update

Posted by The Average Investor on Apr 18, 2011

Another uneventful week for the monitored indexes. The quarterly reporting started but the bulk of it is coming out this week. Still the chances of some big (in terms of market moves of course) surprises either way are quite slim.

Asset Symbol Position Date In Gain
S&P 500 ^GSPC Long 2010-09-30 15.64%
US REIT VNQ Long 2010-07-23 15.22%
Emerging Markets EEM Long 2011-03-25 5.70%
Nasdaq 100 ^NDX Long 2011-03-25 -0.38%

Let’s wrap up the todays post with a list of liquid instruments, ETFs, that can be used to trade the above indexes. Please don’t trade any of these unless you know what you are doing!

Asset Symbol Leverage Price Volume
S&P 500 SPY 132.17 171,144,000
S&P 500 SSO 2x 52.84 13,459,300
S&P 500 SDS -2x 21.09 26,469,900
Nasdaq 100 QQQ 56.65 65,613,600
Nasdaq 100 QLD 2x 87.48 4,201,440
Nasdaq 100 QID -2x 52.36 5,114,740
Nasdaq 100 TQQQ 3x 81.43 619,195
Nasdaq 100 SQQQ -3x 26.45 966,995
US REIT DRN 3x 68.00 503,060
US REIT DRV -3x 13.83 580,632
Emerging Markets EEV -2x 28.69 732,210

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